Safety issue or just lazy?

American Airlines announced it would try to compete with the better of the airlines by offering pajamas and turn-down service in their International First-Class product. It took all of a week before us lazy Americans decided that is a crazy amount of work. Never mind that many leading airlines offer this service.

The Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA) filed a grievance, and because “this is too much work and we’re lazy” isn’t cause for filing a grievance the APFA is conducting a survey asking if the bedding or act of changing into pajamas is a safety hazard on the aircraft. Again, never mind that many leading airlines already offer this service.

The survey, which can be found via the previous link, asks questions like:


“Were there any safety issues with the bedding before landing?”
“Were there any safety issues with the turndown service at all?”
“Were there lines for the lavs when passengers changed into/out of pajamas?”
Service sucks in the USA because we Americans are lazy, and we consistently prove we are unable to provide quality service to our customers.