Kim Jong-Il is MMO gold farming to finance North Korean nuclear program.

via The New York Times, Forbes, and CNET
Long story short, hackers are gaining access to popular South Korean gaming servers to prevent their accounts for being flagged for cheating. They are using scripts to automatically play Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games and gain gold and items which they then sell for real currency on places like Ebay. In turn the hackers get to keep 55% and the rest of the money gets forwarded to North Korean agents. South Korean officials tracked the money to the North Korean nuclear program and to Kim Jong-Il’s purchases of Rolex watches which he uses to placate senior North Korean military officers.
Buzz Out Loud funny quotes:
  • “Earn your gold gamers! Earn It!”
  • “I shouldn’t laugh, but yeah. Literally, if you buy virtual gold, the terrorists win.”
  • “We get nuked because a bunch of lazy worldwide gamers were addicted to their video games. What is going on in the world!?”
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