12 Years Ago Star Wars was Revived

Totally Rad Show noted that on this day in 1999 Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace released to theaters which makes me feel old.

Here are some interesting facts.

12 years ago on this day…

  • … most people didn’t yet realize how much the story sucked - still in zOMG-THAT-WAS-AWESOME mode
  • … I had no idea who played the decoy Queen Amidala (a girl named Keira Knightley or something)
  • … I had an AMAZING Diamond Rio 600 32MB MP3 player (it could JUST hold an album at crappy bit-rates)
  • … The very first iPod was still two years in the future
  • … I had a Hotmail account (actually still do)
  • … The CLOSEST thing I used to a “Social Network” was AIM
  • … AsianAvenue was 2 years old by this time, but I didn’t use it
  • … LiveJournal was one month old
  • … I knew how to make a website, but it was fugly. WTF is CSS?
  • … Apple was still in trouble and the iBook did not yet exist (although the colorful iMac was gaining popularity)
  • … Mac OS 9 was still in development and Mac OS X was two years in the future
  • … Tablets were a miseriable, horrible failure (as I type this in the SquareSpace iPad app)
  • … Bluetooth 1.0 spec was defined, but almost no one knew what Bluetooth was
  • … I had a computer with a brand new Pentium III processor (500 MHz) and an incredible 14GB hard drive
  • … Zip Disks were the way people moved data
  • … I searched the internet with DogPile
  • … I used IE5 because, well, it was the best and Netscape 4.x was getting super-old
  • … I was still two years away from having a cell phone (the obligatory Nokia 33xx)

Actually, this post makes me realize how MUCH happened in the year 2001.