Change Your Password Today

Lifehacker and The Consumerist are reporting a flaw in Amazon’s login authentication system.  Now is a good opportunity to change your password.

Whether or not the flaw actually affects you, it’s a good opportunity to think about how easy it is to break into your accounts.  While most well known companies have security experts that make it extremely difficult for someone (even an employee) to figure out your password, many companies do very little to protect your personal data.

This being said, unless you’re using different passwords for every account you have, it’s a really good idea to change your password on occasion (more often is better).  This way, if someone manages to grab your username and password, the timetable where he/she can do damage to your other accounts is minimized.

Of course, using different passwords for every site eliminates this security risk altogether, but most people do not.  If you are interested in a Password Manager to track the different passwords you are using for every site, check out Lifehacker’s Five Best Password Managers.  I use KeePass.

via Lifehacker and The Consumerist