Need More Data? Answer Center Says You Can

What happens if I exceed my smartphone data plan’s monthly allowance?


If you have DataPlus and use more than 200 MB, you’ll receive an additional 200 MB for $15. If you’re on the DataPro plan and need more than 2GB, you’ll receive an additional 2 GB for $10. Overage is replenished as often as necessary during your billing period.

The Answer Center has conflicting information from their press release which says, “Should a customer exceed 2 GB during a billing cycle, they will receive an additional 1 GB of data for $10 for use in the cycle.”

This would make pricing identical to the Verizon or Sprint MiFi which allows 5GB for $60.  AT&T tethering plus an extra 2GB is $25+$20+$10 = $55 for 4 GB or $65 for 6 GB.