Disabling / Unfollowing / Blocking / Limiting Google Buzz

Google Buzz has certainly been generating lots of buzz.  Here are some privacy tips that you have been clamoring for.


Disabling Buzz - Go to the very bottom of the page.  There is a link that says “turn off buzz.”


Removing a Follower - Right above your posting text box, there is a link that says “# followers”.  You can then click the “Unfollow” link to remove the person.


Blocking a Follower - Going a step further you can click on any name in your buzz and they will show up at the top of your page with links to “Unfollow” and “Block [name].” 


It has been noted that blocking a user may not work.  If the person has a Google Profile, you can block them; however, if the person has not yet setup a Google Profile, they will remain unblocked no matter what you do.  Google dropped the ball on this one.


Limiting who can see your Buzz - You can choose who can see your posts on a per post basis by setting up contact groups.

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