Welcome To The New United

I went to bed yesterday with Delta being the clear winner of my business. Today, things start to get a little more fuzzy. United and Continental signed the papers to become one and surpass Delta as the largest airline in the world. With that means a merging of ideas and a whole lot of growing pains.

Delta has offered the cheapest advanced rates to my destinations, and Delta also has a policy of earning perks with Medallion status.

United has had the policy of you can pay for everything. Pay for priority. Pay for Economy Plus. Pay for alcohol in the Red Carpet Rooms. Pay. Pay. Pay. On the other hand, Delta reserves it’s perks only for Medallion Elites, and Medallion Members have been known to complain to high heaven any time Delta so much as THINKS about offering perks for payment.

The latter appeals to me as an Elite member. Despite SkyPesos (SkyMiles) have one of the poorest exchange for rewards of the US majors, having the AMEX SPG card means 1.25:1 transfer of StarPoints to Sky Miles versus 0.625:1 transfer to Mileage Plus, so SkyPesos still appeal to me. But, in two years, the New United might be the better choice. We’ll see how the business decisions fall into place. In the meantime, enjoy the new livery. “United” text on white with the Continental tail. Boring, if you ask me, but symbolic.