iPad - Target Audience part 1

In my last post I argued the iPad is aimed at a new Target Audience.  Who is that exactly?

First, let’s get the obvious out of the way:

  1. Apple FanGeeks
  2. Technophiles
  3. CEOs

The Apple FanGeeks will buy a nice pile of steaming poo if it had an Apple logo on it.  Don’t be insulted; that’s just the way it is.  The sooner you can admit this to yourself, the easier it will be to accept who you are.  By the way, we know you’ll buy the Wi-Fi version in 59 days and then buy the 3G version 30 days after that, and that’s what makes Steve Jobs a brilliant marketer and sales guru.

Technophies and gadget lovers will buy this device because it’s in their blood.  Love it or hate it, you’ll still buy it because you’re curious; at the very least you’ll buy it to publicly post how much you hate everything about it as you continue to use it day in and day out.  You too, might also buy both versions.

CEOs like to be up on the current trends and they have the money to make it look like they’re hip to what’s new.  Some might be legit technophiles, but most like the status symbol of carrying around a hot-market item.

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