iPad - I missed the point.

Yesterday, I said I was underwhelmed.  I think a lot of other people were too.  Many people probably had grandiose expectations from a company and visionary the likes of Apple and Steve Jobs, and many people assumed the new iPad would be a revolution in computing that would make us all ditch our netbooks and laptops; it clearly does not.

No, the iPad is probably something akin to what Jef Raskin had in mind when it comes to the human interface to a computer.

Is the iPad powerful?  Questionably.  Flexible?  Definitely not.  Adaptable?  Not without Apple’s say-so.

Much of the detraction I hear about the iPad is that it can’t do x, or that it will never be able to do y.  Here’s where I (and it seems many other people) are missing the point.  It’s not supposed to.

Steve Jobs clearly places the iPad in a space that is not yet defined and a supplement to the other technical devices we use.  It’s not meant to replace the laptop, and by correlation the cheaper, less powerful laptop we dubbed the netbook.  The iPad is aimed directly at a new target audience.

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