Use Ketchup As A Meeting Manager

Ketchup uses a very plain interface that does what it promises and nothing more. When you need an easy and basic way to track an activity for a meeting, Ketchup could be the solution. With Ketchup you can keep track of agendas, attendees, action items, who said what, and more.

Ketchup could not be any simpler to use.  The registration takes mere seconds, and it takes less than two minutes to figure out how to use every feature.  Simply start using Ketchup.

If you want to share online, simply tick a checkbox to make it public.  You be given a URL to allow others access to your meeting and notes.

Since it’s still under development, Ketchup is free, “but pretty soon [they’re] going to start charging for it.”

I signed up and grabbed my “early access” account, and you should too.  I still think Google Wave will be my go-to collaboration tool, but the simplicity of Ketchup certainly has it’s charm.

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