What is Google Voice?

A GREAT service based on technology gained in the purchase of Grand Central. You get one number and it will ring ALL your phones (you choose which ones).

Google Number

  • Call Screening
    Choose off, all callers not in your address book, or only blocked callers
  • Listen In
    Like answering machines of yore, you can listen to the message as it records and “pick up” to start talking
  • Block Calls
    You can pick phone numbers that will receive a “disconnected number” message
  • SMS
    You can receive your SMS messages to multiple cell phones, and use the Google Voice web interface to send SMS for free
  • Place Calls
    You can make or “reply” to any call with the web interface and select which phone you want to use to connect - or like Skype you can call your Google number and make a call without worrying about long distance fees.
  • Taking Calls
    One or all phones you designate will ring, the caller will be announced, and you’ll be asked the following:
    1. Accept press 1
    2. Send to voice mail press 2
    3. Listen in on the voice mail press 3
    4. Accept and record the call press 4
  • Phone Routing
    You can decide which of your phones ring based on a caller or a group in your address book

Google Voicemail

  • Voicemail Transcriptions
    Google can automatically transcribe your voicemails for you and you can read them on the following:
    1. Web Interface
    2. Have them sent by SMS
    3. Have them sent by Email
    *Note uses Voice-To-Text recognition so it may include errors
  • Listen to Voicemail
    You can listen to your voicemail by calling in on any phone or through the web interface which looks similar to Gmail.
  • Notifications
    You can receive Email or SMS notifications that you have voicemail
  • Personal Greetings
    You can record a customized greeting based on a caller or group in your address book
  • Share Voicemail
    You can forward to email, download, or embed in a webpage with a few clicks

Voice Features

  • Conference Calling
    Like your mobile phone you have call waiting and can conference calls
  • Call Record
    You can press 4 to start and stop recording which will be stored in your Google Voice Inbox
  • Call Switch
    You can transfer calls between your phones at any time by pressing * then pickup the call on the new phone and hang up the original phone
  • Mobile Site
    View the mobile version of Google Voice at http://www.google.com/voice/m from your phone
  • GOOG-411
    Like any other phone you can use Google’s 411 service
  • Manage Groups
    You can create and manage groups of contacts