Left Your Flash Drive At Home? No Problem.


Technology has spoiled me.  On my way to work this morning I realized I left my flash drive at home.  I immediately thought “damn, I wish I could browse my Home and transfer the flash drive to my Car without having to go back” T_T …

Ah, yes, the good old days of USB flash drives.  So, what do you do when you leave your flash drive at home?  I guess you’d have to go back home and get it, but what if you didn’t have to carry around a flash drive.  

If you have access to the Internet and are able to download files to the computer you’re using, then you do not have to.

DropBox (http://getdropbox.com)

getDropBox.com is my go to place for all my files.  Simply sign up on the website and you have 2GB of online storage, but if you get me to refer you we both get even more storage space (hit me up on Twitter or facebook).

There is a very good demo video on their home page if you want to skip the rest of this post.

“But you could do that with Google Docs or Gmail!” you exclaim.

It gets better.  getDropBox.com has a client program that will install on Mac, Windows, or Linux.  It runs in the background with very little fuss.  It creates a folder on your computer called a DropBox and every time you create, delete, or edit a file or folder within that DropBox the changes are automatically synced to the website and to any other computer running your DropBox account.  That way you never have multiple versions of a document to confuse you.  The website also keeps old versions in case you accidently deleted something, or in case you wanted to go back and see what any file looked like a week or even a month ago.

You can also share files and/or folders with other people via the website, or even keep in sync with other getDropBox.com users which makes it a great collaboration tool.

They also recently launched their iPhone app and have a mobile optimized website for Blackberry and other users.

Additional space is available for a monthly fee, but 2GB for free is a great deal considering all it does.

Make DropBox More Powerful with SyncToy (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/…)

You can download SyncToy for free if you’re using Microsoft Windows.  Simply set up a sync between your DropBox folder and your USB key and voila!  There are options as to set which direction or both to sync.  SyncToy is a great tool for Windows and is highly recommended for backup purposes as well.

Apple Solution

For those of you with MobileMe can always use iDisk.