My Budget

$821.60 per week is my gross pay ($42,723.20/year)

-$82.16 per week goes to 401(k) (Rockwell matches 75% up to 8% of your pay and I contribute a little more) ($4,272.32/yr)

After taxes, medical insurance, dental, optical, Social Security, Medicare, etc.  My take home pay is:
$535.22 ($27831.44/yr)

-$8.22 per week goes to my Employee Stock Savings Plan (ESSP) ($427.23/yr)

-$40.00 per week goes to a down payment on a house ($2,080.00/yr)

-$8.25 per week is set aside for any additional income tax I might have to pay in the future ($427.23/yr)

-$96.25 per week is set aside for a Roth IRA ($5000/yr)

-$17.75 per week is set aside for an emergency cash fund ($910.62/yr)

-$126.75 per week is set aside for rent and homeowners insurance ($6,580.00/yr)

-$42.00 per week is set aside for car care ($1450 insurance, $500 repair, $125 registration/smog, $90 AAA) ($2165.00/yr)

-$81.00 per week is set aside for all bills (necessary and unecessary) ($4150.00/yr)

  • Time Warner Cable $56.00

  • GoDaddy Internet $1.31

  • Southern California Edison $-50.00

  • Napster $-13.00

  • NetFlix $-18.50

  • DSL Extreme $-22.00

  • Verizon EV-DO Internet $-65.00

  • AT&T Wireless $-76.00

  • AT&T Home Phone $-12.00

  • Other unforseen $-13.00

  • Obviously, there are some things that I do not need and can cancel if I need additional money, but this all fits in my budget and my plan and helps make me happy.  So NYAH!

-$40.00 per week for gas (this forces me to control my driving) ($-2,080.00/yr)

-$31.75 per week for food (this REALLY forces me to control my eating out habits) ($-1651.00/yr)

After all this, I have approximately $2,200 of income to spend on whatever I want to.  I seperated it into the following categories:

  • -$6.50 per week for a trip to Japan ($350/yr)

  • -$6.00 per week for a trip to Las Vegas with friends ($300/yr)

  • -$7.00 per week for a trip to Hawai'i to visit my grandmother ($400/yr)

  • -$4.00 per week for special occasions ($200.yr)

  • -$10.00 per week for $1000+ donation to President's Scholars ($500 from me, $500 match from my work)

Whatever's left goes into my discretionary funds.  I can spend this money however I want or move money from the discretionary funds into any other savings goal (go out to eat, or more money for Las Vegas / Japan / Hawai'i).

My budget does not take into account:

  • Reimbursements from my roommates for bills

  • Reimbursements from my grandfather for his DSL service

  • $10/month Wellness Credit from work for participating in the wellness program

  • $60/month rideshare (train/bus/carpool/vanpool/walk) to work program - if i do it for the month

  • Bonuses from work

  • Overtime from work

Any income from sources souch as these go into my discretionary funds and I often move them around to other savings areas.