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The Penguin graduated Magna Cum Laude from Cal State Fullerton with a BS in Computer Science. This, of course, gives the Penguin the perfect background to give sound financial advice!

Actually, the Penguin currently takes personal interest in Personal Finance, Estate Planning, and Taxation. Not holding a CFP, CPA, or JD of course makes any recommendations on this site purely an opinion of the Penguin and is not to be considered (as yet) sound advice. Rather, like Wikipedia, I hope that this site will give you, the entralled and interested reader, the tools to develop your own opinions and learn what the right questions are to ask others who can give you professional, sound financial advice.

Since the Penguin is a recent college graduate, most articles will be geared to a college or 20-something audience. The Penguin currently works on software for In Flight Entertainment programs (currently Moving Maps) for business and regional jets and am studing for the GMAT, and he plans to enroll for an MS in Taxation beginning in 2008.

Again, The Penguin would like to reiterate that articles here will usually quote other financial articles and add various tidbits of information. Nothing on this website is to be considered financial advice and any consequences of using or disseminating such information as so fall solely on you. The Penguin is here to help by allowing you to know what questions to ask, who to ask, and give you a head start in your financial knowledge. The Penguin is not here to give financial advice.

By reading the articles and pages herein, you agree that your soul becomes my exclusive property (since I live in a Community Property state, should I get married your soul will be come my wife's and my exclusive property) and any unauthorized use (noteably taking any article written herein as sound financial advice) of articles, images, odors, or fish contained here will result in a severe and effective showing of my author-a-tay when my lab mice take over the world. Zort! Remember, we know where you sleep.